September 10, 2008

Goat Fun - Climbing on tree logs.

It would certainly be an understatement to say I have fallen a bit behind on posting to this blog. There is always so much to do on the farm and I have a bad habit of putting this on the very back burner. There are several new happenings on the farm but I guess the best place to start is by sharing some pictures that have been on my camera for about a month. Late in the summer we had some walnut timber harvested out of the goat’s pastures and yard. Only about 10 walnut trees were harvested and most of the trees that was cut down were taken out of a spot where they would have eventually had to be cut down anyway if we decide to bring in a new mobile home in the future instead of fixing up the old farm house that is here. That decision will depend on just how much structural work the farm house needs and with winter coming up the extra money was a big help too. It was a tough decision for me to have any of them cut down but I think it was the right one for us at this time and there are plenty of walnut and other trees left in the pastures so there are still lots of shade and the wooded horse pasture I love so much was left untouched. While the trees were being cut down I had to pen all the goats up in a safe location but after the trees were down and the men had left for the day with their chainsaws & tools I did let the goats out. The goats had a grand time jumping and playing on the new playground of large logs and eating leaves they have only been able to look up at and dream about reaching for years. These are pictures of the goats enjoying the logs and leaves.
Three young Boer does explore and play on a large walnut tree log.

Annie & Rock got a little too adventurous for my liking, so right after this picture was taken I made them get down so there would not be any chance of them hurting themselves.

A young black doe born this year enjoys some leaves & climbing on the walnut tree logs.

One of our livestock guardian dogs Abby is curious about the changes while some goats mock fight/play in the background over the right to stand on the big stump.

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Anonymous said...

How fun, missed seeing your posts Jennifer!