May 15, 2010

Meet the New Kids

Our spring kidding season is finally over with and the new goat kids are growing up fast already. I hope to get a sales list out to the people on our waiting list for goat kids in the next few days. It has been a hectic spring and I am running behind on many of the things on my "To Do" list. When the last doe kidded this spring we ended up with 32 goat kids born, 18 bucklings and 14 doelings. These are not all of them by any means but just a few pictures of some of the new kids on the farm.

This Boer doeling and her mother are just relaxing on the old walnut tree stump.

There were some red Boer kids born this year. I just love the solid red Boer goats.

This old tree log is worn smooth from goat kids jumping and playing on it.

More spring born Boer goat kids, the black headed one is a doe and the red one is a buck.

This doe is a 75% Boer / 25% Nubian cross. I personally really like this cross. I don't know if it is the hybrid vigor or all that milk they get from their Boer/Nubian cross moms but they almost always have the quickest weight gain. This is one of Penny's kids.

Two Purebred Boer kids, what sweet faces!

A curious Boer doeling.

A peaceful afternoon for these girls, chewing cud and laying on the walnut stump.

A couple of the 97% Boer kids.

One of Cookie's bucklings, he sure has grown a lot since this picture.

One of Belle's kids. Belle is a doe I had on the sales page of our website last year, she is a great doe that just didn't sell because she is a bit on the plain side compared to the flashy black and paint goats we had for sale at the time. That plain white doe had this pretty black doeling and a really nice blonde buck. I am kind of glad she didn't sell!

This blonde buckling is the brother to the black doeling in the picture above. Sometimes siblings can be very different colors!

My husband calls this doeling "Miss Pretty" because she is so feminine and had such a pretty face as a kid. We both had a laugh the other day when we noticed "Miss Pretty" really needs a shave! I have never seen a kid with so many whiskers and long "eyebrow" hairs!

The Proud Pappas

May 10, 2010

How to Talk to a Little Baby Goat

I always thought goats said "Maaaa" and sheep said "Baaa" but it is a cute kid's song. (get I bet it made you smile!

May 09, 2010

Mother's Day Wishes

Happy Mother's Day!
I hope every Mom out there had a very special day, you greatly deserve it for all that you do!

May 08, 2010

Brothers Make Good Pillows - Farm Photo of the Week

These two brother and sister goat kids have found a comfortable place to nap as their mother "Penny" looks on.