September 30, 2010

Hauling Goats in Cars...It Could Be Worse.

My husband thought I was a little bit off to haul a goat in a car and while he was pretty much a good sport about it, he did complain about Dym's hot breath and sweet little "goat kisses" on his ear while he was driving. Oh Jamey it could be worse...just be glad we don't raise camels!

September 29, 2010

GM Soy Diets Lead to Reproductive Changes in Rats

Jeffrey Smith -- Genetically Modified Soy Diets Lead to Ovary and Uterus Changes in Rats

I just read this eye opening and rather alarming article about some of the possible health risks GMO's and problems that the chemicals they are sprayed with might cause. You can click the link above to read it too. It is somewhat long but definitely worth reading. This got me to thinking, is there a simple list of foods out there that contain GMOs? A specific, detailed list of individual products is hard to find because in the US, food containing GM plants don't have to be labeled. I did come across this article & general list of things to watch out for. All the more reason to plant a garden, buy organic and support small, local farms.

September 26, 2010

Thank You Octoberfarm!

I love "good mail" days when something arrives at my door other than junk mail and bills. Not too long ago I was having a particularly bad day. I don't even remember specifically why it was a bad day... it just was. It so happened that was the day I got a box in the mail. What could this be? The Halloween themed return address label gave me a clue! It was the prize I won from a giveaway at! Now that helped to turn my day around!

I apparently had misunderstood the giveaway. It was from a post where Jaz went to West Point Market and I thought ONE of the items she talked about in the post was the giveaway prize. I was surprised when I kept finding one neat item after another in the box! It was just FULL of wonderful things! There was candy bars and cookies. They are not in this picture because I waited too long to post about this and they just didn't last that long in a house with my chocoholic husband! :) (He says thank you for the chocolate Jaz!) There was honey, tea, a neat little toothpick holder, the funny "skullions" kitchen towel and probably my favorite was the strawberry shaped magnet that holds a small pair of scissors. That had to be my favorite because scissors are always getting lost around here, now there will be a pair right where I can find them.

There was so much in the box that I am sure I forgot something but I wanted to say "thank you!" to Jaz at Octoberfarm for her very generous gift! If you get a chance you really should check out her blog, especially if you like Halloween, great recipes, giveaways or totally adorable Chow Chow dogs!

September 25, 2010

Horse Round Bale Hay Feeder - NOW SOLD.


I have a used big round bale horse hay feeder for sale. We bought it new from the farm store a couple years ago. It is still in good and very usable shape. I called to find out the price of a new one and was quoted $265 from Cleavers farm store in Chanute and $299 from the farm store in Parsons. I am asking $150 for this one, that is well over a $100 savings off of a new one. This really saved on the amount of hay our horse wasted and the shape of it kept her from rubbing her mane out like they can with a regular cattle hay feeder. It would have to be picked up from our farm in southeast Kansas. No shipping. It can be disassembled into 3 pieces for hauling in the back of a truck. That is the way we got it home when we bought it new. It is also listed on the sales page of our website at (scroll to bottom of page.)

Shiloh Prairie Farm
Erie, Kansas

September 23, 2010

Who Could Resist That Smile? - Farm Photo of the Week

If you are not familiar with goats you might notice that our young friend here seems to have a rather "gummy" smile. This is because like other ruminant animals, goats have no "top" or upper incisor teeth, instead they have a "dental pad" on top and lower incisor teeth on the bottom. They use their front teeth on the bottom and dental pad for biting off leaves and grass. In the back of their mouths goats have teeth on their top and bottom jaws. These back teeth, premolars and molars, are used for grinding their food so that it can be more easily digested.

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September 11, 2010

Remembering 9-11

I can't help but feel sad on this day each year as I remember the events of that terrible day. It is hard to believe it has been nine years, it does not seem like it has been that long. Even though it is not a pleasant thing to remember it is important that we do. That we take the time to remember all the firefighters, police officers and paramedics that risked their lives and even gave their lives to save others. They are all heroes and should be remembered as such.

It is important that we remember all the people who died even though they had done nothing wrong but to go to work that day to provide for their children and families. I know this is a particularly difficult day for the families of those lost and I pray for them. We can not forget the lessons of that day and always tell our family and friends that we love them because we never know what tomorrow might bring. When times are tough we must remember to be kind to each other and to help our neighbors because despite race, religion, or income we are all in this together.

September 04, 2010

Kansas Cowbird?

This picture was taken south of Wichita, Kansas. It was on the way home from delivering Dym the goat to her new family that I saw this bird sitting on the back of a cow. I figured it was some type of Egret. Can somebody tell me what kind it is? I was just curious about that.

Pictures can be made larger by clicking on them.

September 03, 2010

News - Goats Stranded On Narrow Ledge

Goats are curious creatures. Curious creatures that also like to climb up onto things and this can sometimes get them into trouble. Two young goats in Montana learned this recently when they climbed out onto the thin ledge of a railroad bridge. Goats can also be tough and resilient animals when they need to be too though. After spending nearly two days on the high, narrow ledge the two goats still appeared to be in good condition, if rather hungry at an animal sanctuary after they were rescued. Rescuers are searching for the goat's owners but if they are not found the two ledge walking goats have already had other people offering to adopt them. Don't you just love an animal rescue story with a happy ending?

Goats rescued after 2 days on 6-inch ledge - read news story here.

September 02, 2010

The Winged Goat Welcomes You

Lookie what is on eBay right now, a winged goat statue, wearing a collar (of course he is, how else are you going to catch a flying goat?) and holding a welcome sign. When I first saw it I thought, "well, now that is just odd" but the more I looked at it the more it started to grow on me. I think it is very interesting and unique. You can see it on eBay HERE.

If our hot water heater had not burst this week, making us about go broke to buy a new one I would SO BUY this statue. It goes with absolutely nothing around or in my house, but why does every thing have to match anyway? Who made that law that things must match and go together. Why can't we wear plaid green shorts and a hot pink, striped t-shirt? I say we can, why not and I could have a Gothic, freaky cool looking, winged goat statue right along with my western/countryish decor. Oh yes I could...if I wasn't broke at this moment that is.

Drats, I doubt I can convince the husband this winged fellow is a necessary item while we are eating beans for the 3rd time this week. He just doesn't realize how useful this could be to him. Why? because I always make Jamey answer the door when strangers come by to hand out pamphlets, educate us on their views or sell us steaks; while I hide in the house. (oh come on, you know you have done it too!) There isn't much I avoid but come walking up to my door with an armful of pamphlets or another vacuum sweeper I don't need and I suddenly remember there was something very important to do in the other room, "So would you answer the door please honey?" (Don't judge me) I think if we had mister awesome, strange, Gothic, winged goat fairy creature here sitting on our porch to welcome strangers carrying pamphlets they might just skip our house. Oh, that is a lovely thought isn't it. (sigh) Of course if appliances keep breaking around here the beans alone might be enough to keep them from staying long (OK, that was just gross, you can judge me on that one.)

This statue is being offered by The Whistling Cat and Aunt Kristy on eBay. She also has a winged pig and horse statue if that is more your thing.

I did not receive anything to post about this. I just saw something neat and wanted to share it. Photo used with permission.