October 22, 2010

Joker's Tree - Farm Photo of the Week

This is Joker, he is one of the Boer bucks on Shiloh Prairie Farm. He is a little over two and a half years old now, and he has been on the farm since he was about six months old. Joker's hobbies include eating zucchini, tomato taste tester, acting macho for the girl goats on the farm and chopping down trees with his horns. He is not very good at chopping down trees though, he has been butting, scratching and working on chopping down this old Walnut tree for about two years. He wanted to be a lumberjack but nobody wanted to pay him by the hour, even if he does just work for zucchini.

October 10, 2010

Pssst! I Need to Talk to You

Blackie the buck pleads his case.

"Pssst, yea you, come over here a minute. No, I don't want a kiss! I need to talk to you man to ma..err billy goat. I haven't had a girlfriend since last fall man. It is just cruel and unusual punishment I tell ya!"

"Excuse me, yea you...with the camera, this is a private conversation! Stop eavesdropping! She is the one that locked me in here, all while she was spouting off something about no kids in cold February, I would have to wait. hmph! I let the does worry about the kids. You wouldn't believe how many baby mammas I have! "

"Let me out, pretty please. That is the latch right there, just unhook it. All the pretty doe goats are right over there. See the red headed one? She has been flirting with me ALL DAY! I could get to those pretty girl goats if you would just let me out?"

"I would get it myself, but I don't have thumbs and using my horn just is not working."

"Oh you're not going to let me out? I thought us guys were supposed to stick together? Well, if you scratch my neck I guess I won't be mad at you. Yea and leave that smell on your hands...the girls LOVE it!"

October 07, 2010

Leaf Carnage

One night this past summer there was a thunderstorm. The wind blew, the lightening flashed and the rain poured down through the night but the storm was gone by daybreak and the morning brought sunshine and blue skies.

It was at that time I also realized that the tree beside our big feed pen had fallen to the storm. I really hated to lose that tree. It had provided shade for me and the goats when I had to trim hooves or work them in that pen and it's fork gave me a place to set a water bottle up high away from curious goat lips while I was outdoors.

I don't think the goats would miss that tree though, truth be known I think they played a part in it's demise by eating the bark on one side of it's trunk making it weak to the wind of the storm. I figured it was only fitting to let them finish what they started. So we piled the leafy limbs high in the pen and opened the gate.


The goats rushed in and started stripping and tearing all the leaves from the fallen tree, it was brutal. They didn't waste a second or a leaf.

They competed to see who could stuff the most leaves in their mouth the fastest and the tree limbs got more bare by the minute.
Blackie the buck didn't think it was fair that the girls got all the fresh leaves. He stood up on the fence with sad eyes and whined, "ahh...ahhh" as he watched the the leaves disappear like candy in front of spoiled children. A friend took heart to his complaints and gave him a hand so he could get some tasty leaves too.

The leaves never really had a chance, I mean just look at that face! It was total leaf carnage and in no time all that was left was a few stripped bare branches and a lonely tree stump.

October 06, 2010

Sunshine Award

I had such a nice surprise when one of my readers Olivia told me she had gave me a Sunshine Award on her blog, Liv's Farm. The award is very nice, thank you Olivia! Really the best and most touching part for me though was her really kind words about my blog. It means a lot to me that this nice, young lady takes the time to read my blog and likes it. You should check her blog out, there are beautiful Nubian goats, great horse pictures, interesting posts and it is just a lot of fun to read!

Here are the rules.
  1. Save the image to the left and post it on your own blog
  2. Pass the award to your favorite bloggers
  3. Link to their blogs
  4. Let your award winners know they have won this award by commenting on their blog
  5. Here are my winners: (Really all the blogs I follow are winners, so not sure I should use the term "winners" but I did manage to pick out a few blogs from the many great blogs I follow, it was not easy to narrow it down. I really couldn't narrow it down so I did try to pick some great blogs I may not have mentioned in awhile.)
BooneDocksWilcox - Country life at its best! Adorable Nigerian dwarf goats, beautiful, fun pictures, recipes, great posts and Franklin the turkey!

City Gal Moves to Oz Land - Fellow Kansas resident and a great blogger! I am glad she did move to "Oz Land" because she captures some amazing, gorgeous photos of the great things about Kansas. She also writes a very interesting blog!

Bossy Betty - If you love to laugh you really should check her blog out. I think she is an amazing writer, I want to be able to write like her. Her blogs are thought provoking, interesting and so often just hilarious. I don't know why she isn't writing a book.

Mainely Ewes Farm - This well written, beautiful blog makes me want to live in New England and I HATE the cold and snow so that says a lot! They have a gorgeous farm and lots of fun animals. I think anyone who has ever dreamed of someday living in the country has pictured this blogger's life in their head.