July 22, 2010

The Billboard Goats

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Don't think your business billboard is getting enough attention? Put some goats on it!

*If the video above does not show up, you can also find it HERE on the msnbc website.

July 20, 2010

July 18, 2010

An Overdue Thank You

I would like to consider myself a polite person and I usually am. I am also a procrastinator though and so I often walk around with blog posts I want to write about in my head until I get around to actually sitting down and posting them. One of those things I have wanted to write about for awhile is the really nice prize I won when I entered a Giveaway on the blog Flartopia.

I don't get much in my mailbox other than bills so I was very happy to receive a lovely bar of soap and a bottle of Rose/Patchouli lotion from Flartus. I want to say thank you so very much Flartus, I loved my prize!

You are probably wondering what kind of a name is Flartus and what is Flartopia? It is a great blog about gardening, and cooking among other things. If you ever had one of those days when you stand in front of the freezer and just don't know what to cook, then you definitely should check out this blog. You will also get to meet the completely adorable Rosie and learn about a chef and a teacher that are doing their part to help promote farmers markets and that care about local farmers, which I think is really cool. If you are still wondering about the name Flartus, you will just have to go to her blog and find out about that yourself.

July 14, 2010

I Didn't Inhale - Farm Photo of the Week

When I asked Blackie the goat just what he was doing, his only reply was, "I didn't inhale".

July 09, 2010

A Hopeful Heart

I don't think I have taken as much time as I should in the past to look for the special little things in life. I am trying to change that and to take the time to appreciate all the beauty in the world around me. Like a beautiful sunrise, morning dew shining on the grass, or the way the tree leaves rustle in the wind.

I do know one person who knows how to appreciate the special little things in life and in the heart of nature. In fact she has a wonderful and interesting blog called Random Hearts dedicated to it. Clytie was kind enough to feature a picture of a goat I raised on her "Guest Heart Thursdays" blog post yesterday. This goat's registered name is "Chance's Hopeful Heart" but we always called her Heart for short. Can you figure out why? Heart was not alone on Clytie's blog this week, you should really check out the other animals with heart on her blog.

And what about Heart the goat? She is doing well, Heart and her two young kids went to live in a wonderful home and now belongs to a couple of the nicest people you could ever meet, sisters Deb and Dee. Who also own Heart's two younger half sisters as well, so she went to live with family you could say!

I do still have some of Heart's other sisters and one of her doe kids from 2009 on the farm. This is an old picture of Heart's doeling taken last year when she was a kid. I can't believe I don't have a more recent one. I had not even planned on keeping her last year but she has turned out to be such a nice goat. She isn't going anywhere now!

Heart's mother Hope is also still on the farm, you may remember her as the alfalfa loving goat.... definitely not her most flattering picture! So I promised Hope the goat I would make it up to her by posting a much nicer picture of her on the blog, one where she isn't stuffing her face with alfalfa anyway. Three generations of great goats, Grandmother Hope, Daughter Heart and now Granddaughter....shoot she still needs a name! I am terrible.

Hope as a three year old.

July 01, 2010