September 11, 2008

Our New Boer Buck

A couple weeks ago we took off and spent a weekend looking for goats. We were mostly looking for Fullblood Boer does but maybe a buck too and Jamey found a buck he likes and we decided to give him a try since it is time for Chance to find a new home. He has been a fantastic buck for us, we have used him 3 years and he has gave us lots of nice replacement does and put tons of color in our herd but the boy has worked himself out of a job here, we don't have much left that isn't too related to him to breed to him. So I will be putting him on the sales page of our website soon. This young guy is going to be Chance's replacement. He is a little over 6 months old. It will be fun to see how he grows out! He seems to be good sized for his age. He has some black genetics on his dam's side like Jet Black's Lignite, Hershey's etc and is black headed himself...on the dam's side he also has some Eggs breeding as well (Eggsfile, Eggs Ryals Magnum) and Ash Creek breeding and on his sire's side he has Eggs breeding (Eggspense Account, Eggsfile, Eggspense) and HMR Sumo, Mojo Magic, DER Walt, JLF Rambo, Tarzan T66 too). We can't wait to see how he matures and grows out.

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