July 12, 2008

Rain, rain go away!

There was more rain today for southeast Kansas as I tried to get chores done in-between rain showers. Luckily today it just rained enough to get things nice and muddy but a few weeks ago it rained hard enough we soon had a stream running through the goat pasture where typically there is not one. The stream of water in the picture is actually just pond run-off from the then overly full pond that is behind the goat and horse pastures. At it's worst this little stream was about 12 feet across and ankle deep, so no danger but boy a few of the goats sure acted like it was a raging river. They all but refused to cross it until I put a wooden pallet down in the middle of it, so they could jump across stepping stone style and not get their hooves wet. What spoiled diva goats I have. Southeast Kansas, like a lot of the Midwest has received more than enough rain for now and while I would love to have a break from the rain so we can get our hay in; I remind myself that it could be worse, it could be as bad as it was last year. Here is a video taken right around the area where we live from the flooding in Southeast Kansas in 2007. We were very lucky and had no flood damage last year like so many other people did.

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Anonymous said...

We're not expecting anymore rain here until a week from tomorrow, hope you get a dry spell soon!