January 21, 2009

Spring Fever

I have a bad case of it and I have been counting the days until the grass turns green again and the weather warms up. There is just something about everything being brown and cold that gives me a serious case of the blahs, I just am not a winter person...never have been. It does not help that I am seriously cold blooded and all it takes is a good, icy wind to get me to shaking like a stressed out Chihuahua and envying the geese flying south. Lucky ducks. Now Spring..that is my time of year! How do I love Spring, oh let me count the ways. Spring just seems to be the time of year when everything is coming back to life! The grass turns green, the sound of the leaves on the trees rustling with a warm breeze and the colorful flowers that brightens the spring day. My favorite part of springtime on the farm is the gift of new life...animal babies! It is a time of excitement and expectations, kidding time is my Christmas!

I have so many farm projects that are just waiting for some nicer weather. I have been planning out this year's vegetable garden in my head all winter. I had ordered a Burpee and Gurneys seed catalog and I wait for their arrival in my mailbox so I can flip through the colorful pages and plan out this years garden on paper and then order the seeds that will hopefully grow into a fruitful summer garden.

I also hope to get chickens this Spring! We have had all kinds of animals on the farm, but never chickens and I can't wait. It will be a new and exciting project for our farm. I have been reading all that I can on them, but I am also hoping my blogging friends will help me out if I have any chicken questions. While I have been counting the days until Spring I have also been watching the goat's bellies grow, they are not too big yet as they have a ways to go until kidding time but some are starting to show and I am looking forward to having goat kids on the farm again as much as anything. This will be the 7th year for welcoming newborn goat kids to the farm, but it doesn't matter how many years we do this, I never get tired of the goat kids! Come on Spring!


Anonymous said...

I have the same thoughts but this Spring we won't have any baby goats but that's okay since my Mom, my sister, and myself are heading to Georgia this Spring to see my 1st nephew and 1st grandson of the family! My Dad wouldn't be able to handle the kiddings anyways ;)

Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

I've got your fever too! I just went to the Feed & Seed store this morning to get some peas & lettuce seeds. I got a book yesterday: 101 Building projects for your home, garden & farm. Hee hee, I didn't know I "needed" so many things! I'm watching my chickens run all around the backyard and they are so darn funny! You'll LOVE your flock! Have you decided what to get? We're going to be adding a few to ours because we saw Black Austrolops in person and they were gorgeous! Plus, we want a frizzle or two and we need another New Jersey Red to replace the roo we gave to Phelan. Warning: chickens are addictive! My youngest son wants a goat. We're doing our research to see how we can add one - by reading your blog, I think we could handle it. We've got 3/4 acre back yard, so I'm sure that's enough room. Hang in there - spring is coming!

Diane L. Dodd said...

i hear ya- i'd like some spring too! :)

Hot Belly Mama said...

I thought for a minute maybe I wrote this blog. lol - I am not a winter person either. I think the only thing that got me through this time around was our awesome wood stove that we used full time. I am so looking forward to spring! We just ordered baby chicks due in february. :)

Joanna said...

it takes until June for us to get grass back, can't plant much of a garden to until June.

Mike and I really enjoy working on projects in our critter lot. Franklin, our tom turkey, shadows us wherever we're working, he's a funny character.

In this winter weather, we're in a real deep freeze again, I so miss spending time with my goats and chickens. I love my chickens but the poop is a lot messier than goat poop, but I use both for the compost piles.

Stephanie said...

I have the fever too. I'm starting some seeds indoors this year so working on that has eased some of the fever. Just remind me that I was begging for summer come about the end of July! LOL!

I don't think I will ever tire of new animals around the farm. It is like a miracle every time.

Alix said...

This is The South checking in. Jacksonville, Florida if you wanna be specific - and it was 25 degrees here this morning. Hope those geese were heading to South America.

PS: Do any of your goats look enough like dogs that I could keep one and my husband wouldn't notice? His eyes are getting a little weak. Gotta strike while the iron's hot!

Becky said...

I am new to goats but we now have 4Pygmy Goats. One is from a livestock sale and is Pregnant. When? we don't know but we think soon. You can feel it/them moving around. Just something about the mircle of new life. Gets me excited!
Come on spring!

Patrice Farmer said...

I too have had a garden in my head since probably the beginning of December...we've had snow since October and its all very cold with too much white snow everywhere...I can't wait for it to LEAVE. And I too hope to get my new birds this spring...not sure if we will get any turkeys though.

Berte said...

Just came across your blog and will have to stay tuned. I used to have Pyrs years ago and we're once again considering one. By the way, I've got Spring Fever too..can't wait for some greenery around here but we desperately need the rain.
RiverBend Farm

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I am so behind in commenting and reading!

You will like this one...I have been looking at roses online this evening, and I now have the spring fever bug like crazy!

Have you noticed...it is now staying lighter longer in the evenings? I love it!

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Amy- Have a safe and fun trip to Georgia!

Wife to 1... - Thanks for the warning, I just hope chickens are not as addictive as goats or I will be in trouble. LOL. I am leaning towards Buff Orphingtons and Americaunas (sp?) because blue/green eggs..how cool is that! 3/4 of an acre should be enough for a couple goats. They are such herd animals they really do best in pairs anyway though. :)

Diane - Yea for Spring! You probably have a lot more right to have spring fever than me, I have seen all those snow pictures you posted, they are beautiful though. We have not got much snow, just a lot of cold.

Hot Belly Mama - I would love to have a wood stove! Propane is so expensive and if we have nothing else we have lots and lots of hedge trees on the farm.

Joanna- Franklin is so cool! He makes me want to get a few turkeys too!

Stephanie- Good luck with your garden too this year. Well put, I never get tired of it either.

Alix- 25 in Florida, there goes my plan to spend winters there when I win the lottery and get rich! Hmm.. maybe if you get one that does not have horns and you put some little soft boots on him to cover up the clop, clop of little hooves on tile floors you can fool him! :)

Becky- Congrats on the new goats! I can't wait to read about the new babies on your blog.

Patrice- that is the way I feel...just waiting for spring. Good luck with your garden this year too!

Berte- Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I love our Pyrs, they are a great working breed. I have been a little worried about the lack of snow and rain this winter too, I hope we don't have another drought. Hope you get some rain soon too!

Mary- I have noticed it is now staying light longer, Spring is on the way!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Oh yess, I am so ready for spring too! I think you'll enjoy chickens. I have only a small flock, but this morning found 4 fresh eggs just waiting for breakfast. I don't think I'll ever get over my excitement!

I am hoping to get a couple of goats this year. I can hardly wait.


KathyB. said...

You're getting chickens! What fun you will be having, and then you get eggs too! I love my chickens and they are also my entertainment. I love spending warm , sunny mornings sitting in a chair in front of my chicken pens, and while drinking my morning coffee, watch the chickens.Kind of helps me re gain perspective on a lot of things!

Baby goats, you are really getting a double dose of fun blessings.

Cat said...

I wanted to stop by and say thank you for your wonderful comment you left me. Your timing was perfect. And your words were truly needed. I know I can do anything I put my mind to, but it never hurts to have someone else tell you as well. :)

I'm glad your husband was spared at work. Times are hard all over and I have a feeling they won't be much better for a while, but they will be one day.

Again, thank you for your kindness. I'm very much looking to reading all about your fun with the "kids" this spring! I'll just have to live through others until I finally get to have my own! :)

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Lea- Thank you! Fresh eggs will be awesome!

KathyB- Thank you! I think just being able to watch them will be half the reward. I can imagine it would be very peaceful to watch them and listen to them cluck and hum as they scratch about.

Thank you Cat! It is easy to get overwhelmed. We have been on our farm 10 years and sometimes I just think about all that I want to do out here to get things the way I want them and all that still needs done and that is a long list! I just remind myself that on a farm the to-do list is never done, I don't think it ever really gets any shorter either. We just do what we can and enjoy the moment.

DayPhoto said...

I love chickens...You will find that they are as happy to be around as your little goats.


Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Thanks Linda! I hope so!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jennifer, we're leaning towards March.