January 20, 2009

Bayla's Second Trip to the Vet Clinic

Two weeks ago we got one of our Livestock Guardian Dogs spayed. The surgery went well, but they did have to keep Bayla overnight. I hated that because I know being left in a strange place was probably traumatic for her. They wanted to see her again two weeks after the surgery so they could make sure she was healing OK and take her stitches out. This was done yesterday.

This was my husband taking her down to the car so we could go. I made a mental note that I really...really need to wash the car and suspenders might make a good birthday gift for my husband. I know, it is easy to joke about those without enough butt to hold their pants up when unfortunately I have always had more than enough butt to keep my own pants up...lucky me....eh..moving on...I don't think Bayla quite realizes where she is going yet.

Now she does! I think it is safe to say this is the moment she realized she might be going back to the vet. Poor girl! And in my defense I must point out we DO live on a gravel road, the dust is horrible and red cars show all that dust....or maybe at this point it would be easier to say all that dust shows some red car.

"Well, as long as I am in the car I might as well enjoy the ride, but I am still a little worried where we might be going!" It is 20 miles to the vet clinic, I did my best to keep Bayla calm and sooth her nerves, for some reason the windows being down even a crack made her more nervous and upset so we kept them up for her, but she was still nervous and when Bayla is nervous she gets gas, bad..cover your nose up with your shirt, eye watering gas. I did not know this until yesterday but I won't be forgetting it anytime soon. It was a long 20 mile drive with the windows up.

So we got to the vet's clinic, got a breath of fresh air and Bayla got her stitches removed. The vet said everything looks fine and there is not any problems. Bayla was a very good girl and behaved beautifully in the vet clinic, although she was clearly a bit nervous. That turned into utter joy when she walked out the doors to the car, she was obviously very happy to be going home. She was probably afraid she was going to get left there again, that makes me feel really bad but she thanked us with a gas free ride back home.

This is Bayla, very happy to be back home on the farm! We tried to reward Bayla's good behavior with a rare treat of a plain McDonald's cheeseburger when we were in town, but she didn't want it there or when we got home, maybe she read the nutrition information on their food. She got some fresh chicken later that evening and her father, Dreyfus got her cheeseburger. Dreyfus is our senior livestock guardian dog, he is an intelligent, experienced dog that has been around the block a few times and he is wise enough to know never to turn a cheeseburger down. Dreyfus savored his cheeseburger prize and Bayla rejoiced in being back home and back with her beloved goats and now the car needs aired out and washed.


Anonymous said...

LOL, the life of livestock dogs! Ours get car sick but when we went to training classes, the guy that was doing the dog training class told us to give them a little bit of dramamine before the trip and it worked wonderfully but now she does the blood work, etc. here on our farm since our lab mix doesn't like going either and it's a challenge getting them up into the car and our burgundy colored truck and car look like your red one but it looks like that every winter though since we live on a gravel lane too.

Joanna said...

I get Mike those wide suspenders.

Glad Bayla checked out well.

if you want to read a funny blog about gas -

Patrice Farmer said...

Love your sense of humor. My daughter says that I have mooned everyone from the people at Walmart to our neighbors and even kinfolk...I told her I have a butt problem, get over it.Glad shes doing fine. I know she was happy to be home.

Hot Belly Mama said...

My driveway is a 1000 feet long and my car is white - what's your excuse? lol. I laughed my way through this post. Thank you!

Anne-Marie said...

Aw, so sweet and I loved that she refused the burger. That's gotta tell you something, right?

And your description of the gas made me laugh; I definitely cringed reading your description of the car ride to the vet. =)

Esther Garvi said...

I think Bayla did the right choice with the cheeseburger! I'm glad the ordeal went well and you can now enjoy all going back to normal again!

Sheila Rae said...

Hey.. dust off that treadmill and come on over to Living Smart Girl community and join the rest of us crazy workout gals :)

I am not much into fitness away from home mainly because of the drive to and from. So far, I am liking the Total Gym :)

Becky said...

Way to go Bayla! She is such a good girl. Glad she is doing good.

I have a goat that gets gas, bad, when you carry a treat and make her wait. She will run you out of her pen!lol

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Amy, glad someone else knows what it is like to live on gravel. We also try to have all vet work possible done on the farm, it is less stressful for the animals, but of course some things have to be done at the Clinic!

Thanks for the comment Joanna, I would get Jamey some suspenders but I know he would not wear them. Thanks for the link!

Thank you Patrice! Bayla is doing great and is back at work protecting the goats. It is a good thing too, the coyotes were very active last night!

Thanks so much for the compliment Hot Belly Mama! My husband drives on several miles of gravel to work in that car and then the dust from the gravel road in front of our house settles on all the cars in the driveway within minutes of them being washed...I guess you could say I sort of gave up fighting it, but I guess that is obvious from the pictures! LOL

Thank you Ann-Marie! It was a rather long ride!

Thank you Esther! I am glad things are back to normal too!

Thank you Becky! My goats don't have gas so bad, but they do like to cud burp in my face when I lean down to tell them hello sometimes. phew!

Lynda said...

Bayla is gorgeous, & certainly looked happy to be back home again ;) I know all to well what it's like driving on dusty roads to get dogs to the vet !
Lynda, Kilimanjaro, East Africa

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Thank you Lynda!