January 13, 2009

Sheep Games

Maybe you have housework to do or a tedious computer project to finish, but you are in the mood to procrastinate, let me help you. Here are three pointless but fun online sheep games to pass the time.


This game is fun, if you can get past the rather creepy, smiling sheep on pogo sticks.

Sheep Dash

How quick is your reaction time? Be quick to keep your sheep herd together, and shoot a tranquilizer dart in the butt of any would be escapees.

Sheep Thrills - Online Sheepdog Trial

Use your mouse to help the sheepdog keep those straying sheep in their pen, but don't get ran over by any bulls!


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness!

Hot Belly Mama said...

My biggest challenge is to actually take a shower first thing in the morning. lol. More things to distract me from that.

Joanna said...

I'll give them a try tonight and see how I score. Tranquilizer in the butt sounds fun.

Dairy Cows For Sale said...

Hey now, these look fun! Just when I was just looking for a breather.. thanks!