November 13, 2008

Website Woes

Step away from the, that is what I need to do right now. This has been a frustrating morning because I have been trying to update our farm website and things are not going smoothly. I have been using Yahoo Geocities for several years but lately I have seen more problems with our website using it. First it was the guestbook, the one provided by yahoo would not work so I put a free guestbook on our website. It never quite worked the way it was supposed too and wouldn't save all new entries. (So if you signed our guestbook or asked a question through our guestbook recently and I didn't answer, it is because I did not get to see your guestbook entry). I apologize for that. So this morning, I thought I would try the yahoo guestbook again, hooray it works this time!

The problem now is nothing else is working right. Every time I try to update and save a page, my pictures on that page disappear! I have been using Yahoo Geocities and updating pages the same way for several years so I did not know what was going on. I then checked out the yahoo forums and saw a few other people seemed to be having similar problems so it must be a glitch with yahoo. Oh, well it was really time to upgrade to something better than free hosting anyway...all those yahoo ads don't look very professional on our website. (I was trying to keep costs down by using free hosting). So please forgive our farm website right now, it is a bit of a mess with the background and pictures missing on some pages, but the text and the contact us form still works! I will be looking for a good deal in web hosting over the next few days. (I don't think I want to use Yahoo). The URL will stay the same at but hopefully we will have better, more reliable hosting in the near future as I will be shopping for a good deal in website hosting. If anyone has any suggestions, recommendations or advice on who is good or who to avoid, please feel free to let me know! I would love the suggestions!


Anonymous said...

How frustrating! We don't use Yahoo! anymore though, I switched to Freewebs instead though, I didn't want to buy a domain really though, freewebs works for us for now though since I can update it myself.


JK said...

Makes you want to throw the computer out the window doesn't it ;)
You know Freewebs is pretty decent, and you can buy a domain there too.

By the way, I've tagged you with a meme at my blog.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the suggestions!

Anonymous said...

I use freewebs but I didn't want to buy a domain at this time really but it is fairly easy to use though!