November 11, 2008

Goat's milk soap.

I have started making homemade soap again after way too long of a break from it. I have lavender, lilac and fragrance free on the curing rack right now and my kitchen smells beautiful! I started making it years ago because my husband and I could not find soap at wal-mart that didn't make our skin itch, especially in the wintertime. The goat's milk soap helped our itchy, dry skin and smelled lovely. Last year things were so busy on the farm and then one of our dairy does died and so I quit making soap for quite awhile. I didn't even milk our other dairy doe and dried her off after her kids were weaned. I think it just made me think about my dairy goat that passed away too much, but now some time has passed and soap is being made again. Some will be for sale after it cures and I know when I gave it as Christmas gifts in the past my family loved the gift. I think I will make a batch of soap with honey and oatmeal this evening.


Anonymous said...

I would love to buy some from you. It is the best soap to use in the winter for dry skin.

Anonymous said...

How fun!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Anne. I will have some goat milk soap ready in three weeks. I have lavender, lilac, fragrance free, and honey oatmeal on the curing rack right now. I don't have the soap up on our website yet, but you can email me directly at for information. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love goat milk soap. Do you put it for sale on etsy?
I have been wanting to try making it for the longest time. Maybe soon.
Have a good day.