November 11, 2008

I Hate Mud

I hate to say it but it looks like our warm weather is now behind us for awhile. Yesterday and today was cold and rainy, the scenery is grey and dreary today. The goats spent most of yesterday in their shed, only venturing out in between rain showers. They did not get to stay out long before another rain shower would start and it was a mad stampede for the shed again because as we all know goats are made out of sugar and can't possibly get wet or at least that is what they think.

I don't really mind the rain myself but I am not fond of the mud that comes with it and right now there is lots of mud around the gates and goat sheds here on the farm. It reminds me of the time I decided after several straight days of rain, that no...I didn't really need to wear those uncomfortable, cumbersome, rubber mud boots. I was only going to be outside for a few minutes to feed and so I decided to feed in my tennis shoes. That was the first of a series of bad decisions that day. The feed pen didn't look that muddy.. the sun had come out for a little bit and it looked fairly solid...on top...little did I know that pen was really as sticky as pudding underneath the surface.

For a few minutes I was fooled as I dumped the goat's grain in their pans as I was able to pretty much stay on top of the mud as long as I stayed close to the fence. I opened the gate and a herd of goats ran in, splattering mud everywhere. I turned to shut the gate and sunk down to my ankle in mud...ugh. I was stuck...stuck in a sucking mud bog with 20 goats all running around me, gobbling up grain and playing "musical feed pans". I pulled at the same time a goat got pushed into the back of my legs propelling me forward and I had the choice of falling face first in the mud or hopping forward out of my shoe. Since I thought getting trampled in the mud by a herd of inconsiderate goats because of foolish footwear was a stupid way to die, I chose the latter and relinquished my tennis shoe to the mud.

Of course then I was presented with a new problem as I hopped around the muddy feed pen on one leg trying to keep my socked foot out of the mud and get my other shoe back at the same time. That is when a bad situation somehow got worse as the mud laid claim to my other shoe and I was really stuck, there in the middle of the muddy feed pen with 20 grain hungry goats running all around me....there I was, standing on one leg, stuck in the mud like some foolish, tennis shoe wearing, flamingo. I had no choice, I had to put my socked foot down in the sticky, cold, wet mud. Yuck. I opened the gate, let the goat's out and left my shoe in the mud as I hobbled back to the house in one shoe and my muddy sock with a new found fondness for mud boots. This is the reason I hate mud.

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Anonymous said...

OH! So funny!

The visualization!

Next time you do this, post a video. LOL

I know, there won't be a next time in Tennis shoes.

Garlic Man