April 27, 2009

New Kids on the Block

These are pictures of some of the goat kids born on the farm this Spring. Some pictures are of newborns only a few minutes old and others are of kids that are a bit older. The new kids have kept us well entertained with their playful antics. The farm is always just a little bit more fun when there are young goat kids around!

A red doeling takes her first nap in the sun after being born.

This doeling gets her first taste of milk.

DH calls this doeling Japan because she has their flag on her side.

All the kids love to play on the tree stumps.

I call this buckling "WhatWhat" because he is already chasing all the other kids around, clucking at them and acting like a little buck. When he does this it sounds like he is saying "whatwhat".
These four girls must have found something interesting.

A new doeling takes a wobbly first walk.

I never get tired of the miracle of new life on the farm.

This good mom thinks her new buckling is very special.

This young buck tried to come into the world bottom first, but according to my mom so did I so I won't hold that against him. He is a colorful young buck for sure!

Jumping on tree stumps must be a lot of fun!

No pictures please..go take some of that diva Emma...she loves the camera!

I really love this doelings markings and she is as sweet as she is pretty.


ChristyACB said...

Oh they are so very precious! What are your plans for all of them?

And as for that cuties and you trying to be born butt first, well, some of the most interesting folks are! (Me too ;))

Jennifer said...

Thank you! It will be very difficult but I will narrow it down to just 4 - 6 doelings I want to keep and the rest I will sell.

Fencepost said...

Such cuties! I would love greeting them all first thing in the morning.

Alix said...

New Kids On The Block!! I get it.

And what wonderful kids they are. LOVE Japan (what are the chances of getting a black dot in a white square on a black goat? Astronomical!) And WhatWhat and the white goat with the black hood (name please?). What unique colorings and beautiful little darlings. How many goats do you have all counted?

Anonymous said...

What a nice bunch of kids you got this year Jen!

Anonymous said...

Oh my I just need to give them all scratches,love the marking's on the black ones..Oh poo they are all just too cute markings or not LOL

Flartus said...

Wow, things are really jumping out there! I would want to make a little kid jungle gym, just to be able to watch them hop around.

Of course, stumps are cheaper.

Christy said...

They are all so beautiful! Japan is cool.

Mom L said...

Jennifer, they are all adorable. I don't know how you can pick out just a few to keep - I'd want them all!

Nancy in Atlanta

Nic said...

They are all so cute! I think kidding season is the coolest time of the year.

Esther Garvi said...

Jennifer, if you want Hausa names according to their character, let me know what the personality traits are! Nice in Hausa is Kirki, for instance. "Mugu" means bandit, "Hushi" irritated, "Dadi" beautiful etc. Common horse names here in Africa are Son of the Light(DanHaske) and Promise (Alkawali) and such. Lovely little beings you've got there!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

You know I especially love the red one.

Jen's Farmily said...

Aww... the babies are so cute!! I love watching the calved play on the farms around us, I bet goats are just as fun! And they're so small!!!

Pricilla said...

They ARE so cute. I only have one right now but will hopefully have more soon. I don't know how you do it with that many...the one keeps getting underfoot!

Jennifer said...

Fencepost - Thank you! They are certainly fun to have around.

Alix - Thank you. They don't all have names, I don't worry to much about naming all of them. I figure their new owners that take them home will name them. Of course some just end up with names because of their personality or some other feature that stands out. (Like Whatwhat & Japan)Right now with kids and adult goats we have 48 goats on the farm total.

Amy & Mama - Thank you!

Flartus - Someday I would like to build them some things to play, climb and jump around on. Right now they have tree logs and stumps and a few 55 gallon barrels which it doesn't take them long to learn to balance on.

Christy, Mom L & Nic - Thank you. It is really hard for me to pick just a few because I do secretly want to keep them all. LOL!

Esther - Thank you! What beautiful names. I really like Alkawali for a name. What a beautiful and interesting language!

Joanna - I am also a fan of solid red goats, it is probably my favorite color for a goat.

Jen's family - Thank you for visiting my blog! They are so much fun to watch run around and play. It is more entertaining than anything on TV.

Pricilla - well luckily they are not all underfoot. Many stick with their mothers pretty good but there are some that are! The worst is Dym the Nubian's doeling "Peeps". She acts like she is being raised on a bottle so is so underfoot but it is one of the things that makes her cute.

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

One of these days I am sooo getting a goat! :) They are precious!

Esther Garvi said...

Jennifer: Alkawali is actually Sheba's Hausa name (they all have one European name and then one in Hausa that says something about them...). It's a beautiful word to pronounce too: Al-ka-wa-lee (all four syllables are equal). Just let me know if you want more suggestions!

Wolf said...

aww! they are so cute! we are considering getting more goats, but can't make up our mind. if our current three would stay in the pasture, i don't think it would be a hard decision...but it seems every time we fix the fence so they can't get out, they find another way!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Awww.... those are precious!
Japan is well-named- never seen one marked like that before!

Jennifer said...

Captain's wife - You should, but be aware they can be a bit addictive you might start out with two and end up with 48 someday! :)

Esther - Thank you so much for the correct way to pronounce such a beautiful name and for the nice offer too!

Wolf - Have you tried putting up a couple strands of electric fence in front of your regular fencing?

Farm Chick - Thank you!

DayPhoto said...

Love the photos! Those kids are just plain adorable! Wonderful!


Margo said...

I had no idea how adorable goats were until I started blogging and first met Pricilla, and now you! I love all their different spots. Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday and your valuable comment. I love your blog and will visit again soon!

Jennifer said...

Thank you Linda & Margo!

Jennifer said...

They are all so beautiful. I'd really have a hard time just choosing a few to keep.

Oz Girl said...

They are all so cute, and I can see how much fun they would be to watch! I agree, it would be hard to pick the ones you want to keep.