February 12, 2009

Where to Buy Goat Supplies

Back when I got my first two goats there was no goat supplies carried in local farm stores. No goat mineral, feed or medical supplies could be found at all and even the selection of cattle and sheep products locally was often sparse. Some of these alternate products I can use for my goats and some, such as sheep mineral which is too low in copper for goats, can't be used. I quickly learned that many of the things I needed to care for my goats would have to be ordered online or through livestock catalogs.

Luckily with the rising popularity of goats this has changed some. I can now buy goat feed, mineral and quite a few of the things our goats need locally these days. I try to support local businesses when I can but I still order many of the goat supplies we need online. These are the livestock supply companies I have ordered from most often. Please note, these are my own personal opinions and experiences with these companies, it is no guarantee yours will be the same with them.

Jeffers Livestock - I have ordered things a few times through Jeffers. They almost always have the best prices. They have a really fantastic selection, it is rare I can't find what I need there and they also carry pet products. Though they did over charge my credit card the last time I ordered.

Livestock Concepts, Inc. - I have ordered from livestock concepts quite a few times in the past, and they have been great. My favorite thing about livestock concepts is the way they ship their vaccines. When I have ordered vaccines from them they have always arrived cold, even in the summertime, thanks to the fact they were carefully packed with Styrofoam inserts for insulation and plenty of ice-packs.

Valley Vet Supply - I have ordered from Valley Vet a few times and have always been happy with their service. When I had to call with a question about shipping, the person I spoke too was very nice and pleasant. They will sometimes still have certain products when other suppliers are out.

Here are some more goat supply links, I have not ordered from these places enough to share my experience with them, but they are definitely worth checking out.

Hoegger Goat Supply - Lots of goat supplies, they carry items other general livestock supply companies may not, such as cheese making supplies, etc.

Caprine Supply - Goat supplies and products, some goat books, magazines and DVDs also.

Register's Sheep & Goat Supply - Goat and sheep supplies.

Premier1 Supplies - Fencing and livestock equipment.

Sydell - Goat and Sheep equipment. Feeders, pens, corral systems and more.

American Livestock and Pet Supply - Livestock and pet supplies, some goat products too.

Hamby Dairy Supply - Goat milking machines and dairy supplies.

* The picture is of a Boer doe and her two young bucklings. Emma & her boys are enjoying a little break on a sunny, spring day last year.


Alix said...

Hey Jennifer!

I'm back from Dallas and just wanted you to know that I missed you while I was gone and did my best to follow your blog on my BlackBerry. It's good to be home now so I can comment.

I just love reading Goats in the Garden and learning about the goat business. Lots of it goes straight over my head, but it's fun to read anyway. And I LOVE all your photos.

Keep it coming girlfriend!

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Welcome back Alix! I am glad you are back, I have missed your funny and always interesting blog posts! Thank you for your too kind comments, you made my day!!

Anonymous said...

Those are all good place Jennifer!

Carolyn said...

So where is the best place to buy a stanchion/stand? I have looked a bit, but can't decide.

My hubby is too busy to build me one and I need one asap...my does are due to kid in early May.

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

We built our own milk stand, so I have not shopped around for one to find out the best ones out there. Sydell & Hoeggers sells them, the prices may be a bit high though, IMO. I found a couple more places that sells them. One is www.sheepman.com, look for goat stands. The other is http://www.ozarkgenetics-caprinebiologicals.mobi/Home_Page.php go to their "got goat stuff" page. The prices are pretty good, but I have no idea what shipping would be. Pretty high I imagine. You can also try googling it with the name of your state to see if any smaller dealers come up that might be close enough, you can avoid the shipping fees. It doesn't take long to build a wooden one though, my husband is not experienced at building stuff like that and he got it done in one afternoon.

Stephanie said...

Thanks! This is very helpful. OUr local selection is very limited. It will be nice to be able to compare!

Anonymous said...

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