October 01, 2008

Great Pyorgis

Or would they be Welsh Corynees, either way it is an unusual cross, that of a Great Pyrenees and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. If you ever wanted to know what a cross between these two very different breeds would look like you can see some very cute puppy pictures at http://www.melynrhoscorgis.com/greatpyreneesxpwc.htm The puppies are quite adorable, but unfortunately, this was the result of a frozen semen veterinary error and the mother dog, who was the Pembroke had to be spayed after the litter. It did make me start wondering about other unusual breed crosses though. My sister fostered a German Shepherd / Basset Hound cross once and he was quite the character. Please feel free to leave comments and tell me about your wonderful mixed breed dogs, I would love to hear about them. Mixed breed dogs make wonderful family pets and I would highly encourage anyone looking for a loving family pet to consider adopting their new family member from an animal shelter or rescue group. Pet Finder is a great online place to look for pet adoption.

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