October 14, 2008

New Pastures

There has been some changes and new projects happening on the farm. For starters the sweet, red wether "Pumpkin" went to new pastures and a great new home a couple weeks ago. He is now living just north of Wichita where he is a companion to a young Nubian buck and when he gets older he will help his new owner's other goats to clear their land of weeds and brush.

Pumpkin is not the only one getting a new pasture, the new big project on the farm has been fencing off an additional 10+ acres for the goats. We had thought we were fencing off about 6 acres but when we actually measured and figured it up we found out we really are not all that good at "eyeballing" a section of land to determine it's size. I am glad it is going to be larger than what we originally planned. This new pasture has lots of brush, ceder trees, blackberry bushes and some rocks to play on; it is goat heaven and I am anxious to see it finished so we can let the goats out in this new pasture. We have 3 sides of the new pasture fence up and only have one side and the gates to finish. The project is coming along fairly quickly with the help of a friend. This will almost triple the goat pastures we have available for use and I am hoping it will save us some on hay costs in the future.


Anonymous said...

Yeah on new pastures but better not show your goaties what our goaties here at Pine Pod Farm get to jump on all the time!;)

Anonymous said...

The new pasture sounds just right for goats.
The blackberry bushes and rocks are some of my goats favorite things.
Good luck on finishing. I know you will be through before you know it.
Have a good day.

Peggy said...

My goats would think they had died and gone to heaven. LOL