April 12, 2008

News - Hoof and Mouth: This Is Important.

Hoof and mouth disease is one of the most contagious, most devastating livestock diseases that exist. An outbreak could nearly destroy the American livestock industry, cause food shortages, and further undermine our already weakened economy. Now, the US Government is considering moving hoof and mouth disease research facilities from an isolated island lab to a lab in the middle of an agricultural region. This is an issue that could negatively impact every American. Please read the article Dangerous Animal Virus On US Mainland? - Yahoo! News

Then, if you agree that the hoof and mouth research lab should not be brought to the mainland, PLEASE contact your US Senators and Congressional representative and simply tell them: Please do not allow the hoof and mouth disease research facility to be moved to the US mainland. An accidental release of the disease could cause severe harm to the entire nation. This danger to the country far outweighs any potential benefit to an individual state. Please keep me informed of your efforts in this matter. You can contact your US Senators and Congressional Representative through http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml

And also, please forward this information to anyone you know who might be interested in the issue.

This is important because the Bush administration says the only U.S. facility allowed to research the highly contagious foot & mouth disease has experienced several accidents with the feared virus already and an outbreak of Hoof and Mouth disease in Britain was linked to a research facility there that was located relatively near farm land and the outbreak. These seem like pretty good reasons to upgrade the current facility, but leave Hoof and Mouth disease research at Plum island, which is much more isolated away from America's farms and livestock.

Learn more about Hoof and Mouth disease.

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