April 05, 2008

New farm blog intro

This is the first entry to the Shiloh Prairie Farm blog! Shiloh Prairie Farm is an 80 acre farm in southeast Kansas. My name is Jennifer and my husband Jamey and I raise Boer goats. We have both registered and commercial meat goats on the farm. Most are Boer or Boer crosses, though we do have our favorite family milk goat "Dym". I thought it would be fun to share with everyone the day to day happenings on the farm and also share some hopefully helpful goat and farm news and information along the way. As for what is new on the farm, this kidding season is over with for now. All the does have had their kids with no problems at all and the pastures are full of bouncing baby goats! We also have a few extra babies this spring, a litter of Great Pyrenees puppies. So even though the kidding is over, there is no time to relax and take a nap now, because there are lots of new babies on the farm to care for! As you can see in the picture, one of our livestock guardian dogs "Dreyfus" did find the time to take a nap with some new goat kids though, Dreyfus is the farm's official babysitter!

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I love this picture!