June 03, 2010

Goat Vital Signs

Temperature - 101.5 - 103.5

Respirations - Adults - 12-20 per minute.
Kids - 20 - 40 per minute.

Pulse - 70-80 beats per minute.

Rumination - 1-2 per minute.

Estrus cycle - 18-23 days

Gestation - 146 - 156 days. (most of ours kid on day 150)

The inside of the lower eyelid should be red or dark pink.


Kelly said...

Is that a rectal temp? Not fun!

Jennifer said...

Yep, it is! (: It is the first thing I check on a goat that I think might be sick. It can give you a good clue what you are dealing with. Just don't forget to label the thermometer "goats" so no person accidentally uses it. (we clean them but still...EWWW!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this, good info.


Kelly said...

Yeah, that would NOT be good! Reminds me of the label on rectal thermometers-that they are all PERSONALLY tested before leaving the factory. What??

Jennifer said...

Amy- Thank you!

Kelly - LOL!