April 23, 2010

Props To Party

This is Paint Party, well that is her registered name but we just call her Party. She is a purebred Boer doe that was born on our farm. Party is one of my favorite does, she is usually very laid back and doesn't let much bother her. Party is a first time mom this year and since these would be her first kids I was trying to keep a close eye on her before she kidded. I usually set my alarm and check on goats that are very close to kidding several times during the night but in my sleepy haze I must have set my alarm wrong after checking on her at midnight. So it was about six hours later before I woke up to check on her again and it was getting light outdoors.

I went out to find Party didn't need my help or supervision at all (Not that I thought she would). She must have waited that night until I went in the house to start having her kids. Truth be known she was probably thinking "Finally, I didn't think that nosy person would ever leave! Time to get to business!" By first light she had two new, clean and well fed babies, which she was protectively standing over. She would nuzzle and nudge them and it was quite obvious she learned from her mom Hope all the lessons of being a great goat mom.
In fact she must have picked up a few new mom tricks of her own because when my husband Jamey went in the pen to see the new kids she promptly threatened to bite him! Now normally this would be very bad behavior from a goat but to be honest this is a good sign in a new first time mother like Party. She is normally a very easy going girl but at that moment she had new babies and was just being protective of them.

Party also snorted a warning at the cat, which happened to be D.C, our resident goat greeter. She is a cat that hates worm pills and other cats but she LOVES goats...go figure. D.C the cat is a little bit like that person at Wal-Mart that stands by the carts, she is just there to say hi and thank you for being a goat on our farm! If she had thumbs she would probably pass out smiley face stickers to all the new "kids" too. When Party lowered her head and stamped her feet, D.C. got the hint and went on her way to find another goat to greet. The over-protective behavior of Party will get better as she realizes what is truly a threat to her precious new kids and what isn't but personally I am proud of her! She is going to be a great, protective mother and that always deserves props on our farm!


Teresa said...

Way to go Party! My poor cats get so confused when they walk by a goat that usually doesn't look at them only to get chased with head down and horns aimed right at them. What a great protective mom.

Pricilla said...

Oh, congratulations again! How wonderful. They are precious.

~Tonia said...

Yeah!!! Love those nice little kids all warm,dry and fed when you get out there!! Good Job Party!
We have a cat named D.C. she was in the barn when all the babies were being born. She was sleeping with all the babies Under the heat lamp...

Flartus said...

Glad things are going so well with all the kidding. I bet Party sent D.C. in to mess with your alarm while you were checking on her at midnight. Now she's mad, 'cause D.C. was supposed to turn the clock back, to give her more time alone with her babies.

They're all beautiful, by the way!

(my word verification is "panda." Hmmm...looking for a name for any goat babies??)

Lisa T. said...

How just so darn cute.

Kitty's with thumbs, passing out stickers? giggle~~giggle!

Thanks for the smile for today.


(Oh my word verification is Lariphi-ummm, yeah I'd go with Panda)

ClosedOnSunday said...

Sorry you missed the kids being born. I bet that's really neat to see!

Mom L said...

Congratulations, Goat-Grandma! Party must have been very self-assured, knowing ahead of time that she wouldn't need your help!

Nancy in Iowa

Anonymous said...

What a good goat mom Party is!


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

When my girls are due to deliver, I get dirty looks when I come nosing around. I've yet to be able to witness a delivery.

Christy said...

Pretty babies. She did good. I hope ours delivers so easily.

Jennifer said...

Theresa - Our DC cat is kind of a strange one, she hates other cats. There isn't a cat around she will get along with, she might tolerate them at best if they stay out of her space but she is always going out of her way to spend time around the goats. Especially if one is penned up for some reason.

Pricilla - Thank you!

Flartus - that would actually be a really cute name for a goat! I think I will save it and use it on a black and white one!

Tonia - How funny you have a cat named D.C too that hangs out with the goats.

Lisa, COS, Mom L & goatpod - Thank you!

Johanna - They can all be so different. I would say most of mine like getting attention from me when they are pregnant and close to kidding. Icy and Rose will actually call to me and seem to want me there. They seem to like the comfort of it, while others really seem to prefer I give them their space. So I try to do that for them. Just like people they are all different!

Christy - Thank you!

Twisted Fencepost said...

They are adorable.