October 27, 2009

Happy Mail Days and Honest Scrap

A Happy Mail Day. That is what I call any day there is actually something in the mail other than bills or useless credit card offers. A few weeks ago I had a very happy mail day thanks to Becca. She generously had a giveaway (that I was lucky enough to win) on her blog, A Southern Garden by Becca. If you have time you really should check it out. She has some of the most beautiful flowers in her garden. She was kind enough to share a little bit of her garden with me by sending me some Pink Zinnia seeds, a really cute flower pitcher and a few other nice things. I know it took me awhile to post this but thank you very much Becca!

I had another nice surprise recently when I was given the Honest Scrap award from Magaly. Her Pagan Culture blog didn't seem like a blog I would be interested in at first but after I started reading it I found out that she is a wonderful writer, an honest, open minded person and just plain likable; besides the fact she has a very interesting blog! Thank you very much for the blog award Magaly.

Magaly's Honest Scrap Award requires that I write 10 honest things about me, and then I have to pass it on to 7 people with blogs “I find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged me.” This might not be so easy, I can talk about my goats or the farm all day long, just ask my husband but talking about myself is not as easy for me. I will give it a try though.

  1. I have a twin sister and we never, ever dressed alike as kids.
  2. I met my husband in high school.
  3. I like the ice Sonic puts in their drinks.
  4. I really don't like cell phones.
  5. I didn't meet my father until I was 21 years old.
  6. I named our farm after a very special horse I owned in my teens and twenties.
  7. I have a fear of tornadoes. (yes..I do live in Kansas, isn't that ironic)
  8. I got interested in goats after a neighbor's goat showed up at our house, peeping in the window.
  9. I really hate it when people let their dogs run loose to cause problems for their neighbors.
  10. Sunflowers are my favorite flowers.

7 Blogs full of Honest Scrap:

1. Red Pine Mountain
2. Cookin' With Barefoot
3. In The Shadow of Juniper Hill
4. My Net Finds
5. Spot On Cedar Pond
6. Stop the Ride!
7. Octoberfarm


jaz said...

hey thanks! this is so nice of you! my giveaway ends tomorrow at 9:00am so there is still time to enter. also, i am doing one more on mrs's b's on halloween day. the button is on my sidebar!

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your much deserved award! I love reading your blog :-)

thank you so much for passing this along to me! :-)

Pricilla said...

I live in fear of tornadoes too. Which is why when the hubby and I were traveling around the country in our fifthwheel I wouldn't let him stop in Kansas. Not even for gas.

He thinks I'm nuts.

Alix said...

I love your Honest Scrap Jennifer!

I'm a twin too! Yay!

Becca's Dirt said...

Nice to know you better Jennifer. Congratulations on the award. You deserve it - you have a very interesting blog. Neat how you come to like the goats. I am not a phone person. I hate to talk on the phone especially cell.

Mountain Woman of Red Pine Mountain said...

Congratulations on your award and thanks so much for passing it on to me. I love Sonic and haven't been there in quite some time because there are none up here :(
I loved learning more about you and I'm off now to visit Pagan Culture blog.
Thanks so much!

Mary said...

Jenn, I played a little game as I read your honest points about yourself. I counted the numbers that I did not know about you...they were 1, 3, and 5.

I love the package that you received, especially the painted water pitcher.

Congrats on the award!

Leslie said...

Jennifer, Congratulations on receiving your award, I enjoyed learning more about you. Thank you so much for passing it on to me and my blog. You have such a wonderful blog and I am honored to be acknowledged by you. Thank you again! PS- I also look forward to checking out the other blogs you have listed.