December 24, 2008

New Names for the Girls

I finally sat down and thought up names for last spring's doelings. For nine months now I have neglected to think of names for them, the poor things. I have been calling them "Penny's doeling" or "Hope's paint girl" or just "The Girls". Naming all our goats may be a bit silly, I know a lot of people don't mess with names for them all. Many of the registered goats we have bought from other farms only have numbers as "names" to identify them on their papers. I do only name the ones I plan on keeping but I find it kind of fun to come up with cute or fitting names for them, there is no harm in having a bit of fun with it.

Most are registerable this year so I got a bit creative with some of their names while filling out their paperwork. My husband Jamey wasn't much help, the only name he came up with was "Pasture Patty". It is a funny name so I might use it someday...but I think I will save that one for a goat I don't like too much (for anyone who doesn't get it, that is what we call cow poop around here.) Now that they have names, I can properly introduce them. So here are the 2008 doelings with their new names. The pictures were taken last spring and summer so they are a bit outdated, the girls have grown a lot since then.

This paint colored Boer has the registered name of "Paint Party" but we will just call her "Party" around the farm. My husband thought we should have named her Drama Queen because she is just that when it comes time to trim hooves or give vaccinations. People always notice her first and she knows it...she can be quite the diva.
These two girls are "Blacktop Talia" aka "Talia" and "Cookies N Creme" aka "Cookie". Talia is the girl looking away from the camera and Cookie is the one looking this way with the white stripe on her face. Talia is rambunctious and brave, Cookie on the other hand is a bit more timid and reserved but she does love to play with Talia.
This black doe is one of my favorite kids born this past Spring. Her name is "Blackberry". She is quite smart and growing like a weed.
This white doe was a surprise color wise when she was born, she is out of a colorful black and tan doe named "Bunny" and a red headed Buck. The tan spot on her back and knee seems to have faded a bit since this picture was taken. Since her mom's name is Bunny I decided on the name of "Cottontail Belle" for this young doe. Miss "Belle" can be a bit mischievous, and likes to pull my hair when I am not looking.
This red Boer doe is named "Cherry Red" or "Cherry" for short. She was out of a solid black buck and a white doe. Her brother from the same kidding was solid white like his mom.

This is another picture of "Cherry" and another March born doe "Lacey" having a good time playing on a log.
This Boer doe's name is "Angel Lace", she is out of a good doe named Angel who was also born on our farm. We will call this one "Lacey" for short.

I looked through all of my pictures and somehow I just don't have any good pictures of this girl at all. This ones name is "Hope's Melody". One of my favorite Boer does "Hope" is the mother to Melody.


JK said...

The goats look great! Love the names you have chosen.

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas :-)

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Thank you!

Becky said...

The Goat names are all so cute. How many goats do you have now? My kids want a "kid" but I haven't gave in to them, yet.

Joanna said...

You came up with good names. I am partial to red goats, so I especially like Cherry.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures and Happy Birthday to you and Merry CHRISTmas!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I love the names, Jennifer! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!

City Mouse said...

Oh, the photos are just wonderful! Terrific names! Congrats! Hope your holidays were very merry.

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Thank you all!

Becky, I have 24 goats right now. We cut back some before winter this year.

Hidden Brook Farm said...

Good looking goats! Love the names too.

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Thank you!