December 10, 2008

Goats Milk Soap at the Craft Fair

It is time to make more soap, I did not expect to sell as much as I have the last week at the craft fair and I am almost out of ready, cured soap! I have ordered some new oils, shea butter and wonderful new fragrances to try in my soap, including Honeysuckle, Cucumber Melon and others. They are supposed to be delivered tomorrow and I am glad as I have been anxious and impatient for them to get here so I can use them in my goat's milk soap.

Every year at the place my husband works they have a week long craft fair around Christmas time. Everyone gets to bring their crafts or other homemade goods to sell. Other people brought candles, hand carved duck calls and pecans, among other things. The pecans sold very quickly, I wish we had some more pecan trees on our farm! We brought goat’s milk soap! I printed out my own soap labels and business cards. The labeled soap and business cards went into a light, natural basket for presentation at the fair. It went really well and it sure was a lot of fun getting everything ready and seeing what people liked. Fragrance free and Lavender were the most popular this year. Personally, I like the Lilac goat’s milk soap the best, it reminds me of springtime.

(Since I still am without a camera this picture was taken at the fair by a fellow employee of my husband's with a cell phone. )


Diana said...

How very fascinating! It's hard to believe one can make such beautiful soap from goat milk (and other ingredients, I am aware of that) at home! It's so great that people appreciate that and buy.

The Scavenger said...

Great looking soap, I hope to make some soon. Waiting on the goats to kid, soon I hope. Just read your Christmas Story, man oh man, tugged at my heart for sure. I'd like to link that story to my blog if that's ok. Send folks over here to read it, I loved it and I know others will too. Well, gonna go down and spend some time with the goats. Thanks,


Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Thank you Diana.

Thank you Chris. I know, I love that story but I can't read it without tears, it gets me everytime. That is fine with me if you would like to link to the story Chris.

Joanna said...

on your 80 acres, how many goats do you have? I'm glad you're doing so well at selling your soaps. Something I want to try in '09 is making some goat soap.

Anonymous said...

How fun!

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Right now we have scaled back to 24 goats, but most of our land is made up of pastures used for hay production and woodland. I would say we have about 12-14 acres fenced off in 3 sections for the goats and horse. I have found if we keep our stocking rates lower we have a lot less problems with internal parasites in the goats and lower feed bills. :)

Sharon/primthyme said...

I'm sure you did sell a lot of goats milk soap.
I used to be in an Herb Guild(but they closed it ) anyhow one of the girls made the Goat's milk soap & she sold tons !!
I grew up in the country & on a farm,love goats,but dad would always get a billy goat at the farm auction,oh!!!! & they were a mess.
But I see the Pigmy & long earred goats & they look wonderful.
Enough of my stuff.
Have a great day & thank you for entering my blog giveaway !!
I love the same season's as you !!
Love your blog & And your goats ,sorry you had ill health with the goats !!
Prim Hugs & Blessings,