May 23, 2011

Prayers for Joplin, Mo.

Joplin, Missouri was hit with a devastating tornado yesterday which has resulted in terrible damage and many lives lost. The people of Joplin are certainly in my thoughts and prayers today and I hope they will be in yours as well. Joplin is only about an hour's drive from our farm and I have been there many times. I don't even recognize it now in the terrible pictures and videos of the town that have been posted since yesterday.

I don't believe the people of Joplin had much notice of this tornado at all. It is very scary and my heart goes out to every person that has been affected by this terrible disaster.

If you would like to help you can donate to the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army. There has also been a Facebook page set up at and a website at Blood donations, especially Negative O blood are also needed. The helpjoplin website says to go to the Springfield donor centers to donate blood.


PJ said...

Hey Jennifer! Yes, my prayers are with them. My hubby was just telling me about the fatalities and injuries and damage that was done. We had planned to go to Arksansas on vacation for a month, so he's been watching the weather really closely with all the flooding. Looks as though we will have to either go the long way around, or change plans. It is so sad. My prayers are with all the bad weather victims, flood and tornadoes alike.
God Bless,

Louvregirl said...

Jennifer, Yes, my thoughts and my prayers go out to them and will continue to. The rebuilding process is a lengthy one. The photos that I saw reminded me very much of the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew. We lived in Homestead, Fla. after it hit for 4 years. My husband went over with a relief construction team and we then moved there. The devastation was so widespread and fierce that it was thought that perhaps the hurricane had tornadoes in it. I saw debarked trees and homes that never got rebuilt. It was like a war zone, truly.

farmlady said...

We watched the new tonight. There are no words for this devastation. It's so sad.
Thank you for what you said and the links to other websites.

Bossy Betty said...

I have been watching the new coverage. Such a disaster....I am praying for all there.

Anonymous said...

Very devastating! Prayers with everyone.


Anonymous said...

Prayers going out to them. I hear more storms are forming and headed that way. We all need to help each other.