February 23, 2011

Goat council bill gored in House says CJOnline.com

Not long ago I wrote on this blog about bill HB2099 which was for the creation of the "Kansas Goat Council" and a new check off fee for every goat sold in Kansas. You can read about it by clicking HERE. I am relieved to report that as the bill was written it does not look like it is going anywhere. I wrote KS Representatives and got the following email statement back from Rep. Jerry Williams.

“Jennifer:: The hearing was held on H B 2099 today in AG Committee. One for the Bill and several NOT for the Bill. I can NOT see this Bill going anywhere. My feedback has been NO to H B 2099 and I agree with the NO group. Rep. Jerry Williams “

Quite a few goat breeders braved some very bad weather that day to go to the committee meeting and have their say about this baaaaaad bill. According to several of them there was only one individual that testified in favor of the new bill and that was the district representative of Jerry Miller, Mr. Seward. Mr. Miller, who is the Kansas Meat Goat Association President was not able to attend the meeting but apparently submitted amendments, the details of which I do not know. Several Kansas goat breeders, both of meat and dairy goats testified against the bill, all making some very valid and good points.

They must have made quite an impression as the following article (link below) was written about the meeting over HB2099 and this writer did a very good job of highlighting just how strong the opposition to this bill was.

Goat council bill gored in House | CJOnline.com

The article is very well written but is wrong about one thing, that the fee would just be for goats going through slaughter houses. As the bill was written it would be for all goats sold, even private person to person sales. If I hear any thing else about this bill I will pass that information on but as it stands right now it does not look like it will be passed. Just another example of why it is so important that people get involved and let their represenatives know how they feel and that we need less government in our lives.


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