January 04, 2010

The Reason Birds Fly South

Is the same reason I slept in my coat last night. No that isn't true, birds fly south because they are smart. I slept in my coat because I am not smart, or at least not smart enough to keep a closer eye on our propane. It had not been that long since it was checked but I should have known it would not last long at all with the kind of bitterly cold temperatures we have had here the last week or so.

Sitting at 0% propane on a Saturday night when it is 10 degrees outside and snowing is not a good place to be. I sure was wishing we would have bought a wood heater like we had planned on, but never seemed to have the money for this past year. Luckily, we did have a kerosene heater but no kerosene for it. Since none of the gas stations around here carry it, a late run to Wal-mart in the falling snow was the only option left. Luckily they do carry Kerosene in their camping department and they must be quite proud of this too because they charged an arm and a leg for it but I guess that is better than losing them to frostbite.

As long as I kept my coat on the heater actually kept our living room pretty comfortable, so that is where both my husband and I slept last night. Of course since the heater ONLY heated one room, comfortable is NOT what the toilet seat was this morning. Brrr!!

I am very grateful to Beard Propane in Erie for bringing out propane to us on a Sunday! I have also started a weekly to-do list and "check the propane" is on it. It is a good thing too because there is nothing but cold in the forecast with a predicted low of -4 Thursday night with the possibility of even more snow.

I haven't forgotten about the animals, they have shelter and a thick layer of bedding. Frost free water buckets and stock tank de-icers make sure that everyone has water available too. The goats have hardly left their shelters since the snow fell. They do venture out and walk a single file path up to the feed pen to get some grain each day but afterwards it is straight back to their shelters they go. It is important to keep a close eye on them in this kind of weather and make sure they always have water and hay.

Tarps and blankets have been hung on the front of the sheds to block even more wind and cold out. The picture is of Dym the nubian and a group of young does born this past spring making their way up their little path from the shed to get their daily grain. Hay is delivered to their shed for them in this kind of weather. I think they are as ready for some warmer weather as I am.


KathyB. said...

WOW! That is cold...and of course this is when you will be out of propane. I have to laugh at your description of the toilet, because I have noticed that seems to be the coldest place in the house with the exception of the refrigerator on cold mornings. Makes me think those disgusting furry toilet seats just might be worth looking into ( or sitting on) on those brrr........... winter mornings.

RiverBend Farm said...

Not that I've done this because I haven't been able to afford it myself but someone gave me a wise suggestion about our propane tank.
Always keep it full and have the propane company keep it "topped off". That way they are out there every month and are always around to check for leaks or any mishaps.
Try and stay warm,

Queenie Jeannie said...

Yikes!! That does sound cold!!! I guess I shouldn't complain about our "cold", but I know I will, lol!

Keep warm!

Laura said...

I have never been that cold in my whole life, having moved from So. Calif. to Florida and never having seen it snow in my life I am freezing with temps in the 20 here. I won't complain anymore after reading your post. Hope you are warm and cozy now. Think warm thoughts !

Working Mommy said...

Jennifer ~ Since you are a follower, you get 3 entries...one comment per entry...don't forget to leave another 2 comments and take advantage of all of them!! Have a great day!


Sandy said...

I always worry about the little (and big) animals when the weather turns so bitter. Hopefully it will warm up some before long. Spring is a long way off.

Honeycombmama said...

Oh my, yes it does get pretty cold without the heater. We had that happen to us once, we had every blanket in the house on us that night. We actually took our kids over to my parents house just because we couldn't find anyone who would deliver propane. We chose to stay behind to make sure the pipes didn't freeze. We learned a very valuable lesson that night though, always keep the tank full LOL;) Glad you stayed warm and found someone who was open. Take Care

Priscilla said...

I would definitely invest in a wood stove. Those things are awesome! If I were you, I think it's time to set aside a piggy bank and put two-three dollars in a week. And all your 'change'. And label it only for wood stove. It's great to have and they are very good at heating. I think wood is cheaper to find now a days than propane.

Becky said...

Bless your heart! I hate to be cold. There are the good and bad with wood heat. I don't like the smoke smell. But the heat just soaks in to the bone. But fires can also go out in the middle of the night.lol Wood is our primary heat source.

I don't miss my goats during cold times like these. All we have now is my daughters mini-horse (which she tends to) and the 2 dogs, a cat and a bird.

Stay warm and just remember the folks that use to have to go to the outhouses.lol

~Tonia said...

Humans are popsicles but Animals are Okay!!lol Sorry! My goats wont even leave their house!
We have this nice little thing in our bathrooms in the wall.. Its a Heater! We didnt put them in ourselves they were there already. But soooo nice! My husband said its genius! No more cold seats for me! Unless of course the electric is out!
I would not be without my woodstove. We had one that ate wood like candy because it had so many holes in the firebox. but it was worth it.. Now we have this one we read, looked and researched everything we could about them before making our decision. And we have never regretted it! Well worth every penny and reassurance.

diane said...

happy new year!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

My propane company sure doesn't deliver on SUNDAY! you're lucky. I wore a zip up jacket to bed last night, and thermal leggings.

Alix said...

Oh no! Poor frosty Jennifer! Honey, I'm so sorry you had to sleep in your coat.

Now here's some irony for you... in Florida, the gas company just comes every month and tops off your tank and sends you the bill. Seems like you'd have that courtesy where you are since you DEPEND on propane for heat. Should I write your Congressman and look into it for you?

Stay toasty and three cheers to Beard Propane in Erie for coming through for you on Sunday. Angels in disguise, they were!

Love you Jennifer. Kiss all the precious snowy goat faces for me!

DayPhoto said...

Doing chores this morning in 2 windchill. I really am trying hard to NOT be discouraged with winter, but....

I loved your Happy New Year Post!

Bundle up, Dear Friend, we have at least 10 more weeks.


DayPhoto said...

Doing chores this morning in 2 windchill. I really am trying hard to NOT be discouraged with winter, but....

I loved your Happy New Year Post!

Bundle up, Dear Friend, we have at least 10 more weeks.


Bossy Betty said...

Having grown up in Kansas, I know what kind of cold you are talking about. Yikes! We had wood stoves and shut most of the house off. My electric blanket was my godsend!

Stay warm!

(And thanks for the lovely comments on my blog!)


Pricilla said...

Brrrr! I put a hat on with the first freeze and it doesn't come off 'til summer. It helps keep me warm.

The goaties love the ease of hay delivery over having to browse don't they. heh heh

Nancy M. said...

Sorry about y'all running out of propane! I can't believe the gas stations don't carry kerosene, most of ours do. Maybe it's a regional thing?

I saw the weather yesterday and it looked cold all over the US, even Florida and California were cold!

farmlady said...

Oh no Jennifer, not a cold toilet seat. Burrrr!!
Makes you think about the pioneers and their struggle to stay warm in the winter.
Hope you get some heat soon...

Mary said...

I need to check the propane too. This is an old house. I keep the front set at 60. The back is comfortable. The old part is a propane sieve!

The goats...such a worry in this weather.

I am beginning to wonder! They are talking about highs in the teens next weekend. Will it ever get warmer again?!

Gayle (GardenofDaisies) said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog on a difficult day.

Girl, last night was not a good night to have no heat! I bet you will never again forget to check the propane tank!

Glad your goats are smart enough to stay inside their warm shelter!

Coffee Lovers said...

Oh! My! cold toilet! Nothing worse for the morning!

Aussiemade said...

Down here we only get a delivery of gas (propane) on a Tuesday so not great if you run out on Wednesday...Go Beards Of Erie..

We have two tanks only for cooking and hot water, other wise our heat is wood fire. However our temperatures in winter rarely get below 0C though we do get frosts. We are close to sea level.

The goats dont actually look that happy to have to go on that loooong cooold walk to get their grain..poor babies.

I just hope you did not stick to the toilet seat, that would have been awful!
Do I want things to warm up there for you, no not really because that would mean winter was here..sigh it has to come sometime I guess.lol

Nezzy said...

Ten below in the Ozark Ponderosa holler this morning. I had to laugh out loud when the weatherman said ,"ya ain't seen nothin' yet folks!" We have more snow Wed. temps droppin' more Thrus. and Fri to 12 below on the highlands. We are usually 10 degrees less down in the hollow. Ewwwwwww!

Have a fantastic day and keep cozy!

Mama Pea said...

I always worried more about our goats during our frigid winters here in NE Minnesota than I did about us . . . although at the time our house was extremely hard to heat. We hung blankets over the doors of the goat houses, too. But they say if they have dry bedding and can get out of the wind, they are fine.

We heat with wood but have propane for cooking and the water heater along with an LP heater in the basement for when we are gone. I have "Check LP Tank" on my "1st of each month" list . . . just to make sure we always know how full/empty it is.

Shawn said...

I was already COLD---thanks! heh, heh... Just visiting over from SITS

Twisted Fencepost said...

Why is is that the propane always runs out on the weekend?
I know my horses are ready for some milder temperatures too.
Glad you got your heat back on!!!